Umoja Community Builders Summer Internship

For the summer of Community Builders 2009 we are focusing and researching the topic of food justice. We discussed the topic of food justice, and the problem of food deserts. When we say food justice we mean each community having the same access to food. When we say food desert we are referring to a lack of grocery stores in a specific area. While researching we noticed that North Lawndale is suffering from a food desert because of a lack of grocery stores in the area. Us thirty- five teenagers decided to find a solution to this problem. In the course of the second week we visited an organization called Green Youth Farm, where other teens learn how to grow organic foods. After researching we have created several questions to produce a survey, which we passed out to the community later on that week. Once during every week, we attend Free Spirit Media to gain knowledge of the process of making a documentary. When we are there we learn to edit footage, produce a soundtrack, and generate texts. What both Community Builders and Green Youth Farm are doing is only two parts to the solution. The last part requires the assistance of the residents in the North Lawndale community to take action.

By: Shanobia Davis and Jasmine Coleman

Friday, July 24, 2009

Access to Healthier Foods by Porsha Treadwell (from Image Writing Activity)

When you think about what people in the North Lawndale community want to buy as far as foods go, organic tomatoes and basil plants definitely wouldn't come to mind. This is because there's a small want for that type of food in the community. Snacks like hot cheetoos or zebra cakes is something well known in the community, but this is not a healthy choice. The blame for is the little access to food is the people of the North Lawndale community have. I want to know why it is like that, why can't there be a healthy store on each corner?

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